AutoLogger is the quick and easy way to track your car journeys, fuel purchases and fuel consumption. With one click you can start tracking any journey. Time, distance, speed and fuel cost are all displayed in real-time. One click to start and one click to stop.

Forgotten to press “Start”? Don’t worry, as AutoLogger will start and stop automatically. So you’ll always have a record of your trips.

AutoLogger records all trip information and summarises them by day. Individual trips are mapped and key statistics are displayed.
Record your fuel purchases as well, so that actual fuel costs are used to calculated fuel consumption and costs.

Label frequent start and end points like “Home” or “Work”

Share those shortcuts and “rat runs” with friends by sharing individual routes.

Key Features:

  • One click start and one click stop
  • Auto-start and auto-stop function
  • Time, distance, speed and fuel cost displayed in realtime
  • Journeys summarise by day
  • Key trip statistics are display for individual trips
  • Urban and Extra urban consumption breakdown
  • Start and end point labelling
  • Record fuel purchases, including fuel type, cost per unit and total paid
  • Both metric and imperial measures are support
  • Share routes with friends
Note: This app uses location services which may reduce battery life.